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September 19, 2013

You Are Better Than Big Businesses

We have all seen a very large change in the way that businesses are dealing with customer service in today’s world. From outsourcing telephone customer service to operators in other countries, to long drawn out menu systems on phone lines to get a customer to the right department; and even worse, long wait times on hold waiting for a real person to take your phone call. I am not sure about you, but I get easily frustrated when I am on hold with my wireless phone carrier for an hour at a time just to have a billing or technical question answered. Have you ever waited an hour or more on the phone, having to endure that horrible music and annoying reminders that your phone call will be answered in the order it was received only to lose the signal on your phone or get disconnected as soon as a real person answers the phone? It’s unacceptable in my opinion for a business to call themselves customer service conscience and require their customers to use their online service to search for their answers.

So why do big businesses have such horrible customer service?

Could it be greed? CEO bonus packages for conservation of money? Or maybe it has everything to do with technology. Because the technology is there and it seems like a good option to save valuable company resources, does not always mean it’s a good idea. Here at Across America we never force a customer to go through long menu system with friendly computer generated voices promising that they take pride in customer service. Those promises are lies covered up with technology. Everyone who calls our call center gets to speak with a down to earth real person who will cater to their questions and offer real solutions based on your instructions. And if the answers to their questions are not immediately available without your approval, we offer to return their call as soon as we have had a chance to speak with you on how to solve the problem.

We strive for a 100% return call policy

What good is a customer service plan without the promise of returning all phone calls? No matter how effective and friendly your operators are, none of it matters when return phone calls do not exist. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by an operator that someone will return my call soon, only to be disappointed and regretful that I have to call back to ask my question all over again. We understand the importance of an outstanding customer support system. We live and breathe customer support every day.

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