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  • Our call center is your call center...

    Across America Inc. has achieved for its customers one of the most comprehensive, lucid, intelligible and coherently seamless approaches to public access. Callers cannot tell whether it’s your staff or ours because we become one. From our core function as a response service you will realize invaluable information, not just orders, that will help you tactically align your strategies to meet your marketing challenges.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Develop

    We develop a strategy that suits your needs and work directly with you to form a plan to make that stategy work. We never do anything without your approval so that you always remain in control of the business that you put your heart into building.

  • Step 2 Research

    We research solutions to problems we see within your business structure and discuss those solutions with you directly.

  • Step 3 Produce

    We put the first two steps together and implement the solution or solutions into a working business model that will be more productive and profitable.

  • Step 4 Support

    We support your business with every move we make and work hard at providing outstanding customer service to your clients which will in turn keep them as loyal customers that feed your business capital.

Why choose Across-America? A few good reasons...

  • Outstanding customer support for your clients.
  • A business model that works to support the model you created for yourself.
  • Everything you need to accomplish your goals.
  • A whole office full of people at your fingertips without the high overhead.
  • Up to date statistics of how the plan we set forth is working.
  • Real time tracking on the products we send your clients.
  • And most importantly, a forgotten trait by most companies, "Friendly service!"
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