FAQWe collected the most frequently asked questions below to help you

  • Why do I need to fill out an application?

    We have to have an application from you in order to see what services you would like us to perform and to see if we are able to fit into the plans you have set into motion for your companies future

  • How will you answer my business phone calls for me?

    We answer the phone calls for your company on a dedicated set of phone lines for your business. Your customers never know that we are not you because we represent you. If they need to speak with you we simply tell them you are not in the office right now and that you will return their call if we cannot answer their questions.

  • What are you rates for your services?

    For more information on our rates please visit ourPRICING page.

  • Do you offer 24 hour support to my customers should I need it?

    Currently our call center is open from 8am to 7pm Eastern time

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