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Business Management

Is your business able to keep up with your competitors? Large corporations did not get as large as they are over night. They adapted to the changing world around them and implemented the right procedures that helped propel themselves forward in a big dog world.

We can handle the little things you have no knowledge about or we can work by your side as a management staff and advisement team that will push your business forward into the future. Consider us as a whole team of dedicated CEO’s working toward the same goal that you set forth for your business. A team that will celebrate your success and work diligently to make that success a reality. And the best part of the whole big picture is that you get all of us working for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff to achieve the same goals.

  • We don't run your business, we make it run better.
  • We provide superior customer service to your customers.
  • Have real people who answer our phones
  • And do not outsource our customer service
Fullfillment Services

The way you fulfill a consumer response can make a significant difference in your companies profit margin. Even the most exciting offers and promotions and your best marketing efforts can be destroyed by slow or incorrect fulfillment.

We view outsourced order management as a “strategic partnership” and offer customized services that are designed to reduce your costs, increase your businesses productivity, and, most importantly, improve your customer’s experience. That’s not just an empty promise, it’s a guarantee we offer all of our clients. Check out some of the feedback from some of our other clients who have used us in the past and currently use us as a fulfillment service!

  • We track each product shipped
  • All provided to you in realtime
  • Amazing customer support
  • And a developed knowledge of the products you sell
  • This always leads to return customers for you
eBay Fullfillment

So you have worked hard to delelope an eBay business. But now it has grown bigger than what you expected and hoped for.

We have the ability to do everything you do and more. What's better than that? We can do it better than you and with all the care and attention you have put into packaging and tracking that keeps those bad reviews from haunting your image. Whats better than that, if you choose, we can even upload images and essentially run the business for you if you would rather sit back and collect the money. We handle all customer inquiries and customer support questions for you. Go ahead, take that vacation you have always wanted to and stop worrying about missing that sale.

  • Product packaging and shipping
  • With the same care you put into it
  • listing products without your help
  • While at the same time working directly under your orders
CD & DVD Product development

Not just CD's and DVD's but much more as well

video, audio, text, bindings, albums, etc. and we can collate, package, label and ship. The shipping could include personalized documents and or certificates with company seals. We also have the capability of computerized tracking for you and your customers convenience.

Custom Website Design

Let us take the hassle of finding someone to build the site you want. Our experienced IT team can build a site for you based on your needs. For a fee, we can design the perfect website that speaks to potential visitors that you're a bigger business than what you are.

Most of the time, consultations are done over the phone. But for a fee, we will send our IT team to you to sit down with your company and design the site of your dreams.

  • We can also manage that site for you after its done for a monthly fee
  • Or you can opt to manage it yourself
  • We also provide SEO for a monthly fee
  • As well as database development and management
Database development and Management

Need a way to keep track of your customer base? We provide database development along with pages to your website to collect a customers information for you to use later

A company without a database is not really much of a company at all. Any sucessful company collects data on its clients and uses that data to advertise to its clients on upcoming events and or products available. With a Database, you will be able to develope a marketing plan that will help you decide what tatics work for you and which ones don't.

  • Customized forms for your clients to fill out to populate your database
  • admin areas that will allow you to see whats happening
  • 100% support for any database we have created
  • For an additional fee we can maintain the database for you
Search Engine Optimization

Get found on the internet by creating a plan for the keywords you want to target and allowing us to take over the job

Within 6 months you should see you ranks in Google start to climb. Remember that your goal for any search engine is to be on that first or second page of a search of the keywords you are targeting. Most people do not fish through search results to the 2nd and 3rd pages to find someone to do business with. The businesses listed on that first page always get the customers.

  • Priced on a per month basis
  • 6 month contract is required
  • Results depend on competition for the keywords
  • 1st page ranking in 6 months in the goal
Customer Service & Support

Live customer support for your clients. They call you, but we answer the call. We represent you from a remote location and they never know that we are not "you"

Here at Across America we never force a customer to go through long menu system with friendly computer generated voices promising customers that they “do” take pride in customer service. Those promises are lies covered up with technology. Everyone who calls our call center gets to speak with a down to earth real person who will cater to their questions and offer real solutions based on your instructions. And if the answers to their questions are not immediately available without your approval, we offer to return their call as soon as we have had a chance to speak with you on how to solve the problem.

  • Support M-F 8am-7pm Eastern time
  • Additional days are optional
  • Real people and not computer menus
  • Friendly and responsible

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